Before the birth Tracey gave us lots of support throughout our pregnancy and leading up to the birth, answering any questions and guiding us on our journey.
During the birth Tracey was an amazing support for both myself and my husband and it was great having Tracey there to liase with the midwives as she knew our wishes and help in decisions that needed to be made.
After the birth it was great having Tracey there as she’d just shared this amazing experience with us and otherwise I would of felt on my own. I knew Tracey was on the other end of the phone should I ever need her and it was great when she visited Oscar and we talked about my birth experience.
I think they should provide a doula for everyone (if only!) because they are a great support for both Mother and Father before, during and after the birth.
HypnoBirthing is a great technique for relaxing the mind and body for birthing and also helping adopt the techniques in other life situations.
It’s a great belief that you don’t have to have a horrible birth and you can achieve a natural calm environment to bring your baby into the world.