Hi Tracey
Happy New Year. I hope you are well.
Well……we’ve had a baby girl! Keira Leigh Anderton, she weighed 6lbs 12oz. She was actually born on Monday 6th Jan (13 days earlier than the due date).
The labour went really well and i’m so pleased with how it all went. I got to use the pool and only had gas and air. We used the tens machine for a bit and the oils were very helpful. Keira wasn’t born in the pool but that didnt matter. Keira breastfed straight away which was amazing. My waters broke about 1.30am, I stayed at home till about 8am then she was born at 6.12pm. I was also lucky enough to have a midwife on duty that practices hypnobirthing!!
Sorry for not letting you know sooner, we had to stay in hospital, in the neonatal ward with Keira for 10 days. She had to have a course of anti biotics as they thought she might have had an infection. All was fine though.
We are still finding our feet. The sleepless nights are  hard. She is a very good little girl however she is suffering with trapped wind most nights.
Dont know where my days go! Just learning to do everything with one hand, i’m currently writing this whilst expressing!!
 Thank you so much for all your help. Our classes played a massive part in the birth going so well and me enjoying the experience.
Kev was amazing too, he took everything on board that we learnt.
 I need to send you the tens machine, please can you confirm the address you would like it sending to.
Also i’ve attached the feedback form. Let me know if I can leave any feedback anywhere else for you. I’ll always be happy to give you a glowing reference.