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My surges started rather strongly at 7pm on Monday 6th Aug. I had had twinges since the early hours of the morning but carried on as normal, went to tesco, walked the dog etc (all as planned!!) Once the surges got strong, I spent the evening on the sofa, candles lit, Paul watching TV and breathed through every one. By about midnight they were not really getting ‘closer’ together so I rang Preston Hospital who said I need to ring back when they are and it could be hours. I literally sat back down, tried to lie down on the sofa as the next one started and my waters brokes. The surges were instantly coming then thick and fast. We rang the hospital back and I basically told them I was coming in . I had been ‘labouring properly for about 6 hours. We arrived at the hospital at 2am, they examined me and I was 6cm. Once in the delivery suite, the midwife was amazing and so very supportive. She read my birth notes and afterwards I know she did everything I wanted. I used G&A only, tried a bath but it was too uncomfortable. Apparently I had lost ALL my waters so his head was literally right on something. Eekkk. I did have a very slight wobble at one point and said I didnt like the g&a and wanted an epidural. The midwife knew this was not what I wanted so distracted me – clever lady – I soon forgot about it. Paul was fab he held my hand and helped me breath through every surge. I felt totally in control. When it came to birth breathing, although I was anxious about it before hand I really feel I did a good job. I think all in all I was breathing him down for about an hour. In between surges and pushes I was totally relaxed and zoned out – it was such a strange feeling but good one too. He finally arrived in the World at 6.28am on the 7th Aug. So all in all, my labour in hospital was only 4 hours or so. I did not have any stitches/intervention at all. Very proud.

Thank you for all your help and support – The breathing was amazing and as a result I literally had the perfect birth!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again. Louise and Paul Brookes xxxxxx > > P.S He is Gorgeous!!