logo final copyWe wanted to say a huge, huge thank you to you Tracey. I was sceptical at first but enrolling on your course was the best thing we did.
Having you be our doula was the second best thing we did!
I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 29 weeks and they wanted to induce me at 37 weeks. You came along with us to the meetings with our consultant and supported us throughout. We were caught in the headlamps of the situation but you guided us through it and we all compromised on an induction date at 39 weeks.
I went into hospital to be induced but we were in hospital for a week having sweeps and pessaries before anything got going. Your techniques got us through that time. I was having contractions but never needed any pain relief. I look back on it as a wonderful time actually. Your course brought me and my husband so close and that week was a lovely opportunity to use what we’d learnt.
They finally decided to break my waters and put me on the oxytocin drip to try and get things going however 8 hours later (as you know because you were there with us every step of the way) they decided to go for a c section as my cervix had not dilated. You may think that your course was irrelevant for us but you’d be so wrong! Your course and what we’d learnt on it kept us sane, calm and able to make good decisions in a difficult situation.
All around us we saw girls panicking and I can honestly say we never did. We felt like we had a selection of tools we could use together.
So thank you Tracey, in fact I’m going to get back to it again. I really miss doing your relaxations. !
Sarah, Matt and Jamie, born to very calm happy parents