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Pregnancy and Induction reflexology by Lynne Travis. Lynne is a midwife and has a wonderful way she works- shes lovely! Please text or call her on 07865 323233


Hale Yoga Studio

Pregnancy Yoga

Wonderfully relaxing and nurturing classes to help you stay grounded, relaxed and energised during your pregnancy. The postures, sequences and breathing techniques are designed specifically for the needs of pregnant women from the 12th week of pregnancy. Stretch away your tension and spend some precious time with your beautiful baby, whilst meeting other mums-to-be and embracing whatever may come your way on your journey through pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Cost: £9 Drop-in.  Contact Adele : 07900 954292 or adele@inhaleyoga.co.uk


Acupuncture and moxibustion

Balwant Kaur is a holistic acupuncturist that is passionate and experienced  helping in pregnancy.

Tel: 0161 865 4167
Email: balwant@theacupuncturist.co



Sally Scott is a wonderful pregnancy chiropractor and can help with any pregnancy pain, breech babies and realigning your pelvis ready for birth. 07732 810909

Sally Scott – Chiropractor

Private midwife – Helen Stanley


Pregnancy is an exciting stage in any parent’s life and at The Midwife Company, we want it to be as stress free and enjoyable as possible.  Pregnancy is a time when you need to ensure you have regular checkups to ensure your baby is developing well and you remain healthy.   Here at The Midwife Company we can compliment your existing Antenatal Care within the NHS or make arrangements to complete all your required Antenatal Appointments, with a full midwifery package tailored to suit you. Early screening tests too.


Private scans

Ultrasound Direct Babybond Manchester provides high definition diagnostic private pregnancy ultrasound baby scans, Women’s health ultrasound screening and Men’s health ultrasound screening, delivered by a team of highly trained healthcare professionals serving Manchester’s local community.  Baby scanning services includes 13 comprehensive scans from early scans and NIPT Scans through to 4D baby scans.  Whilst the Men and Women’s diagnostic scan range include Pelvic scanning, Abdominal scanning, Stoke screening through to Musculoskeletal scanning.
 Appointments are available during the daytime, evenings and weekends. Please visit us to book an appointment online today.

Placenta encapsulation – Emily Street. Please call 07900 900 233