Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Birth of Archie Wood

I had a very traumatic time giving birth with my 1st child and swore I wouldn’t have another one but 6 years later I was pregnant again!! I really panicked about the whole thing. I heard about having a doula and wanted to see if it would help. Tracey introduced both myself and my partner to lots of techniques giving us both ideas and information prior to labour on how to make the discomfort bearable, how I could control the discomfort and how Rob could support me. This was invaluable advice and really helped when I was in labour.
Tracey was there every step of the way through the labour, she knew when to be there to support, when to hold my hand, when I needed the extra courage to go on she was there. My labour was in my back and she knew just where to massage and ease the discomfort showing Rob where to apply the pressure. The breathing skills she taught us were invaluable it really helped focus my mind. Rob helped along the way and felt part of the birth process due to Tracey’s encouragement and felt very involved and part of the experience
I can honestly say I would do it all again tomorrow and I promise that this is a miracle – The experience was moving, uplifting and a joyous occasion and I put this fully down to Tracey, her support and her pure birthing experience”
Really Crying now!!!!! Love Clare and Rob xxxxx

The birth of Lucas Parry

‘Having Tracey attend our babies birth as a doula helped both practically and emotionally. It was great to have Tracey on hand to support us with our hypno birth from the first stages at home, right through to ensuring our baby was latched on and breast feeding following the birth. It was important for us to have someone with us at the birth that knew both of us, and could remain with us throughout, regardless of midwide shift changes, home to hospital etc. When I arrived at the hospital I was already 8cms dilated and never once even thought to ask for pain relief and Lucas was 9lb 1oz! Tracey was a calming influence and gave us both a huge amount of confidence during every stage. She also looked after all of the practical things on the day including making sure my bag was ready, talking to the midwifes, taking pics just after the birth, so it enabled my husband to focus solely on me throughout.’